* Unpaid Mortgages, Real Estate Taxes, Maintenance Dues;
* Unpaid Municipal Liens, Code Violations, Open or Expired Building Permits;
* False impersonation of the Owner of the property;
* Forged Deeds, Satisfactions of Mortgage, Releases of Lien;
* Deeds by minors, or persons supposedly single, but actually married;
* Gaps in the chain of title, i.e., missing or erroneous Deeds and legal documents;
* Forged or Misinterpreted Wills;
* Undisclosed Heirs, Beneficiaries; and
* Invalid legal documents.
What Is Title Insurance?

Fees and costs associated with a home purchase can often be

Owner's Title Insurance is a one-time insurance premium that
protects you from the loss of your property due to factors including
title defects, fraud and negligence.  In the event that a claim of
ownership is made against you, Owner's Title Insurance provides you
with unlimited Attorney Defense to protect your ownership rights.  
In the unfortunate event that you lose your property, title insurance
covers you (and your heirs) up to 100% of your purchase price so it's
definitely worth having!  

Lenders will not close Loans without having Lender's Title Insurance.  
Unfortunately, Lender's Title Insurance only protects the Lender, up
to the value of their loan, and will not protect you in the event a claim
is made against your home, or worse still, you lose your home.
What does Title Insurance Protect against?
Title insurance protects against many hidden risks that cause
serious problems after closing, and at much expense to the
Owner, including the possible loss of the Property itself.  
Here are just a few of the risks that cause title defects: